Lil’ollo Flashcards for Language Learning

One of the hurdles that I’ve run into since starting to learn German is that there aren’t many modern, vibrant and engaging language learning resources for children available at my fingertips. Where we live it’s much easier to find great Spanish language learning resources, such as books, flashcards and apps, than it is to find those same resources for us German learners.

Enter Lil’ollo, a new company based in the UK.

Lil’ollo sells the most beautiful children’s language learning resources. I ran across Lil’ollo on Instagram a few weeks ago and was immediately impressed, not to mention delighted because their products include German (along with Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, Welsh and Polish). Yay! And they say they are adding more languages and language combinations soon.

Here’s a video about Lil’ollo and the products that bring language to life for kids around the world:

Alex, the founder of Lil’ollo, was so kind to send me a set of English-German flashcards, which arrived in perfect condition in Lil’ollo-branded bags – such wonderful packaging detail, reminiscent of the legendary Apple experience.


My son loves these flashcards. He grabbed them at first sight and didn’t want to let them go. Seriously. I had to pry them out of his hands. I can’t wait until he’s just a couple of months older (and calmer) and can enjoy the fun of matching games. For now, we’re just enjoying looking at the colorful photos and describing the animals in German and in English.

I highly recommend Lil’ollo’s products for your own family or any family you know who’s learning another language. And even if they’re not learning another language (yet), these would be a fun way to jumpstart a new hobby or resolution for the new year.

Hurry, though, if you want to order them as Christmas presents and have them shipped to the United States by December 25th. The deadline for international shipping and delivery is December 13th!

Follow Lil’ollo on Instagram to keep up with all the pretty photos across various languages.


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