3 German YouTube Channels I’m Watching Lately

For the past few months, YouTube has been my favorite resource for learning German. There are some incredible German language teachers on that platform – and three channels have particularly captured my attention:

Learn German with Ania

Ania’s personality is so fun, lively and contagious that even my toddler is captivated by her videos (well, the intros at least). This girl makes the German language seem much simpler than it really is. I think that Ania and I would be good friends in real life.

Learn German with Herr Antrim

This guy is quirky, and I love it. He’ll sing children’s songs in one video, and in the next, he’ll talk as if he’s teaching a college course. I don’t think he’s a native German speaker, but he’s got the language down 100%, and I always enjoy learning from him. He’s got some good tricks up his sleeve.

Easy German

With Easy German, you get a quality dose of German culture along with the language. The host walks the streets and asks fellow Germans their thoughts and feelings on the Thema of the day. I like to cover up the English subtitles and see how much I can understand of the combination of spoken and written German.

Keep in mind that these are the YouTube channels I watch because I want to. My son has his own set of German YouTube videos. His videos started off as intriguing to me but have now been overplayed (and I’m over them!). I’ll share them in a future post, however, because they may help other parents and kids who are just starting their German language learning journeys.



One thought on “3 German YouTube Channels I’m Watching Lately

  1. Kritika

    Thanks for the info! I’m learning German on my own, so I rely on YouTube quite a bit. I already watch Ania’s videos, but I’ll be sure to check out the other two.

    Liked by 1 person

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