My Favorite Podcast about Language Learning (And It’s Not Even German Related)

Some people anxiously await new episodes of their favorite shows. For me, I get pumped for the release of new podcast episodes.

I’m really into podcasts, and my current favorite is Breaking Español, described as “one family’s honest journey into learning Spanish.”

Like me, the hosts of Breaking Español, Ben and Jennie Sullins, also have a toddler. But instead of teaching their son German, as I am, they’re immersing themselves in the Spanish language. Ben and Jennie are way ahead of the curve because they’ve taken language classes and have more opportunities within their community to interact with native Spanish speakers. They also frequently travel to countries where Spanish is spoken, which gives them a great advantage in the language learning game.

What I love about this podcast is that this couple keeps it real. They stumble over words and laugh about it. They constructively correct each other. They hold each other accountable. They share fun stories and describe how they’re making this project work with their young son. They inspire and motivate me to keep at it in my own language learning journey – albeit with a different language.

If you’re into podcasts, check this one out. There’s a new episode every Tuesday, but until next Tuesday rolls around, listen to the archives. This is a fairly new podcast, so you can catch up pretty quickly.



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