Where I Buy Our Bilingual Children’s Books

No matter the language you’re learning, finding bilingual books can be a challenge. Sure, there’s Amazon. But when you factor in the cost and time of international shipping, if there’s a better outlet for bilingual books, I’m all for it.

Fortunately, I’ve found one: Half Price Books. In the Dallas area, there are multiple Half Price Books locations, and every one I’ve been to has not only Spanish books (the most spoken language in this area besides English) but German, French, Russian, Arabic and Dutch books too. I’m sure there are other languages available as well, but when I visit Half Price Books, I’m only scanning for German books.

The great thing about Half Price Books is that the books are very inexpensive, usually only between $2 and $6 apiece. Also, Half Price Books is constantly in my inbox with coupons for discounts ranging from 15% to 50% off.

I probably buy too many German books for my son, who’s not even a huge fan of reading at this stage. However, the German kids’ books are learning tools for me as well because of the simple sentences and vocabulary. It’s rare to find a German children’s book that I understand fully without the use of my German-English dictionary.

If you’re looking for bilingual children’s books, check out Half Price Books. You may be surprised by the wide selection!


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