I Gave Up Facebook to Learn a Language

If you struggle with having enough time to learn a language, it’s time to assess how you’re spending your day. If you’re working three jobs, taking care of an elderly parent, and raising children, I understand that you may not have the time, or the mental energy, to learn a new language.

For the rest of us, though, a busy schedule is no excuse for not learning a language. If you’re really serious about language learning, you’ll find a way to better prioritize your time.

As a new mom with a full-time job in 2015, I knew I’d need to give up something in order to add language learning into my day. It was then that I decided to give up Facebook. I had joined Facebook in 2005 as a freshman at the University of Arkansas. For 10 years, I was active on there — posting, commenting, sharing, liking, poking, and so forth.

Over time, the value of Facebook in my life began to level off and then decline. Using Facebook wasn’t helping me grow as a person, so it was only natural that I break up with Facebook in order to start my relationship with language learning.

I quit Facebook in 2015 for the purpose of replacing the time I’d spent on there with my new hobby, learning German. Today, I have a Facebook account and log in almost daily, but I only have two “friends” on there, and I mainly follow pages related to language learning.

If language learning is a goal of yours — or perhaps a 2017 New Year’s resolution that you haven’t started yet — my question to you is this: What will you give up to make this dream happen?

Feel free to leave a comment about what you’ve sacrificed in order to learn a language (or embark on any other type of dream, journey or goal). I’m curious to know!


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