Glücklicher Masse Tag!

Are you learning another language? If so, head over to to find out how to say “Happy Earth Day” in your target language.

The weather in Dallas on this “Tag der Erde” is a bit chilly, so we haven’t taken our obligatory long Saturday walk yet. After nap time (and maybe gym time), though, we’ll definitely bundle up and head outside for a stroll.

Here’s some German vocabulary related to Earth Day that I’m ruminating on today:

  • Der Wald: The forest, the woods
    • auf den Wald zu: toward the forest
  • Der Hügel: The hill
    • am Hügel hinunter: down the hill
  • Die Insel: The island
    • eine Insel im Pazifik: a Pacific Island
  • Der Fluss: the river
    • unten am Fluss: down by the river
  • Der Bach: the stream, the brook
    • am Bach entlang: along the stream

Also, provides a great set of graphics for all things “Die Umwelt” (the environment), so I’ll be spending some more time there today as well.

Hab einen schönen Tag der Erde!


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