My Language Learning Fantasy

If you saw the word fantasy and went “Oh yeah,” go ahead and get your mind out of the gutter because it’s not like that. Here’s what it is:

I dream of being a spy.

…OK, not really because:

  • I’m a bit high strung and a complete scaredy-cat (I’m even afraid of the dark sometimes)
  • I’m a mom (and I don’t see being a spy is compatible with that at this point in my life)
  • I’m not the greatest at acting or at keeping secrets

But if someone ever wanted to create a fictional book or movie starring yours truly, pleeeeease write my character as a world-class spy who speaks three to four languages fluently. That would be super cool.

As language learners, we’re often told by the experts to keep our “why” in mind as the goal. I say get creative with your “why.” I have several reasons for learning German, but my list isn’t without my “stretch” reason of being a spy. It’s fantastical and romantic both, don’t you think? Maybe in another life.

Your turn: What’s your language learning fantasy? Leave a note in the comments.

Also, what’s your favorite spy movie or book? Bonus points if the main character(s) speak two or more languages with no trace of a native accent. I’m starting a list of top spy stories, so I’d love to hear recommendations.


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