5 Things I Learned about German in April 2017

Here’s a quick recap of new German language learnings from the month of April:

  • “Ich liebe dich” is not a universal “I love you.” You say “Ich liebe dich” to a lover but “Ich hab dich lieb” to family and friends. English doesn’t make this distinction. More info here.


  • German has multiple words meaning “to try.” “Versuchen” and “probieren” are two of the ones I run across most frequently. They are used in slightly different contexts. More info here.


  • “Gewesen” is a word. I had not ever seen it prior to this month. It’s a conjugation of “sein.” “Ich bin gewesen” means “I was/have been.” More info here.


  • I know a lot of new words thanks to Disney’s Beauty and the Beast soundtrack in German — and especially this song. Among those new words are “Schicksal” (fate, destiny), “Märchen” (fairy tale), and “unerreichbar” (unattainable). Those are only a few examples.


  • I’m getting a little closer to understanding, and accurately using, the strange “da-” words, such as dabei, damit, dazu, davon and dafür (and there are more, I know). I don’t know of anything to compare them to in English. They’re just…odd. More info here.

One thought on “5 Things I Learned about German in April 2017

  1. I remember this. German is so confusing. I tried to learn it in a class setting and swiftly dropped it that same week. But I ended up learning it through “immersion” and had similar moments like you have. For instance, learning darum, dabei, darüber, etc. And then learning warum, wieso, weshalb, etc. I had to set the Genitiv, Dativ, Nominativ and Akkusativ cases aside for a whole year because I just couldn’t get it.

    You’re doing great. I love this blurb about what you learned in April.


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