Gearing Up for the Last Week of German School before Summer

My heart is a little bit (OK, a lot) sad as we head into the last week at the German International School of Dallas. As much as I love the school, I don’t like that it operates under a traditional school year, which means that it’s closed for the summer. Well, it isn’t actually closed — there’s a summer program, but it doesn’t extend through the whole summer.

I’m thankful that my husband found summer daycare for our son, so that takes a burden off my chest. What I’m still sad about is that I anticipate my little guy having a rough transition period as he gets used to the new school. I’m not thinking negatively here or engaging in some self- or other-fulfilling prophesy. I am coming at this realistically because I know my son.

I’m also sad for myself because over the past several months, I’ve grown to love his school and his teachers. I completely trust them with my child. His summer daycare is licensed and legitimate, of course, but still, it’s an unfamiliar place. I’ve toured the facility, but it will take some time to build the level of trust that I need in my life. After all, it’s my offspring we’re talking about.

Finally, but not most important, is that I don’t like that he won’t be immersed in German this summer. To reframe it positively, however, that just means I’ll need to step up my German studies. The challenge is on!

Here’s to a happy summer for you and your family!


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