Who to Follow Next on Instagram: German Roamers | @germanroamers

I spend a lot of time on Instagram these days because it’s my social media tool of choice. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Instagram does something for me. I find inspiration and gain new ideas. It’s largely still a channel for positivity, at least from my experience based on who I choose to follow on there. Instagram also gives me an outlet to be creative when I don’t necessarily feel like writing a blog post or section of my book.

One of the best recent Instagram discoveries I’ve made is German Roamers, or @germanroamers. This is a collective of photographers who capture the most beautiful views of Germany and surrounding areas. I’m not alone in my appreciation of their work because I’m one of more than 194K followers of theirs.

Not only am I enamored by the quality of their work — it’s the colors that get me every time. I’m drawn to those blues and greens, and my own Instagram account, @YearofGerman, reflects my affinity for those hues.

I love their motto “View > Comfort.” There’s something ruggedly romantic about it. Like, they’re foregoing the finer things in life to produce amazing content for the world. I think that’s a beautiful thing.

Speaking of beautiful things, here are a few of their breathtaking castle photos: