Best Language Products for Kids: I Need Your Help

This past week I posted an “I need your help!” cry on my Instagram:

As the post reads, I’m working on a personal project (OK, I’ll just come out and say what it is: my ebook), and I’d like to feature some of the best kids’ products and programs for learning languages. In particular, I want to showcase those that have been created by moms, dads, independent language lovers, and other small business types. I’m also most interested in those that are accessible to a broad audience (e.g., e-commerce products that can be shipped internationally or online programs that children from around the world can view or participate in).

If you check out the comments on my @YearofGerman Instagram post, you’ll see that I already have a solid list. I know I have to be missing other great kids’ language learning products and programs, though. If any come to mind, please leave a comment on my blog or my Instagram and let me know.

Language learning tip of the day:

Just because you don’t pay for one of the many subscription-based language learning products, programs or courses out there doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from the company in other ways. Become an avid reader of the blog, follow them on Facebook and Instagram, and subscribe to the YouTube channel of various language learning companies.

I know the language learning community isn’t the biggest fan of Rosetta Stone, for example. But have you checked out the Rosetta Stone blog, Linguavore? Don’t cross it off your list because you just might come across that one inspiring blog post you’ve been needing to read to reignite your passion for languages. Keep an open mind, and consume a variety of content!


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