Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 8.38.07 PMHi, I’m Kaci Schack! In 2015, I started learning a second language, German. Today, my toddler goes to a German immersion school, and I’m studying the language on my own. I recently wrote an ebook, The Language Immersion School Handbook: Advice from a Monolingual Mom Raising a Bilingual Child, available on Amazon.

Here’s where I address some of the questions you may have:

Why a second language?

After I had my son, I became depressed. The combination of an incredibly challenging baby, my newfound loss of freedom, and the lack of postpartum resources and support left me in a somewhat dark place.

A year after my son’s birth, I made a few changes in my life, one of which included deciding to learn a second language. I started by downloading the app Duolingo. I quickly became hooked. It was exactly the type of outlet I had been craving to supplement motherhood and my career.

Why German?

…and why not Spanish…or French…or…or…or…

I guess it’s because I have this romanticized view of maintaining family heritages. My ancestry is German, but if it had been Mexican or Chinese or another culture or nationality, I can image I would have chosen another language.

People learn different languages for a variety of reasons. Work. Travel. The people. The food. The customs. In the end, it probably doesn’t matter much which language is chosen. What’s important are the multitude of benefits that come with language learning. It’s good for the brain and good for the soul.

What about my husband?

I’d love for him to learn German with us, but he has his own hobbies, which is just fine! He’s been so supportive of my son’s and my language learning journey, and for that, I’m grateful. Language learning isn’t something you force on somebody. The desire has to come from within, and not everyone wants to commit to the effort that’s required in learning a second language. And that’s definitely OK.

Other questions?

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